Safe, Supportive & Effective Therapy

"I’m so glad I found you. I didn’t know what to expect and looking for the right therapist was overwhelming. Your warm and receptive presence was comforting. Truly, thank you for everything. You helped me work through challenges I have been struggling with for years."

− Individual Counseling Denver, former client

"Your patience, understanding and guidance meant a lot. You helped me find my inner strength again. I couldn’t have done it on my own."

− Individual Counseling Littleton, former client

Expert Couples Therapy & Marriage Counseling

"It was hard to reach out for help when we thought our marriage was over. You were so patient through it all and made it safe for us to trust again. My wife and I have grown so much and you helped us save our marriage. We recommend you to everyone we know."

− Marriage Counseling Denver, former client

"This was a safe space where we could let our guard down and be truly honest with each other. You helped us share our fears and pains in ways that brought us closer together. Our marriage and family are stronger because of it and we are grateful."

− Marriage Counseling Denver, former client

"Thank you so much. You gave us the tools to understand why we always argue and shut down. We no longer feel stuck or overwhelmed and have finally experienced the type of connection we’ve always longed for."

− Couples Therapy Denver, former client

Powerful, Positive & Proven Coaching

"You always provided me consistent structure and motivation. Together, we identified what was holding me back and I feel empowered knowing how much I have accomplished."

− Life Coaching Denver, former client

"I can’t thank you enough. My relationships at work have improved so much. Honestly, our time together probably saved my job and I can’t express how much that means to me."

− Relationship Coaching Denver, former client

"You really understood us and being able to practice the skills with you in each session is what helped us the most. This is exactly what we needed to grow closer within our relationship."

− Relationship Coaching Denver, former client

Groups for Healing & Growth

"Thank you for showing us a new kind of courage. My ability to relate with myself and those around me has improved so much. I never imagined a men's therapy group would have had such an impact on my life"

− Denver Men’s Group, former member

"How do you articulate an experience that has completely shifted the way you approach life?"

− Denver Women’s Group, former member

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