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Are you frequently nervous, tense or on edge, unable to relax or sleep? Do you experience unpredictable emotions that are hard to manage or feel out of control at times? Have distressing thoughts, dreams or flashbacks become overwhelming? Perhaps you have become hyper-vigilant to people or situations around you, constantly expecting that something bad will happen?

Do you ever feel emotionally or physically numb, as though you are not in your body, or disconnected from day to day life? Are you struggling in your relationships because it is difficult to trust, control your reactions or be close with others? Maybe you are avoiding the activities and relationships you enjoy because you are feeling anxious, depressed or helpless about it all?

You’re not alone in your struggles and our Trauma Therapists know how to help. Many people experience trauma during their lives. Trauma occurs when we experience an extreme event or a series of distressing events that overwhelms our body’s ability to cope. As a result, this breaks down our sense of security and leaves us feeling vulnerable or helpless. You don’t have to keep relieving the pain from your past or the present any longer. Reach Out Today for safe and supportive Trauma Counseling and Trauma Therapy in Denver-Wash Park (303) 335-6353.

Trauma Therapy Can Help You:

  • Regulate Distressing Thoughts and Emotions
  • Feel Less Overwhelmed and Triggered
  • Regain Balance in Your Mind and Body
  • Restore a Sense of Safety and Security
  • Create New Meaning from Your Suffering
  • Access Resiliency, Strength and Confidence
  • Feel Empowered to Start Moving Forward
  • Reestablish Trust in Yourself and Others
  • Reconnect With Your Life and Relationships
  • Experience a More Positive and Fulfilling Life
I had no idea that the challenges I was struggling with had to do with trauma from my past. You were very patient with me and we worked through a lot. I now know what "Truly Healing" from trauma means. I feel much freer and happier now!
— Trauma Therapy Denver-Wash Park, former client

Expert Trauma Counseling Denver

At Purespective, we know that it takes courage to reach out for help and it’s normal to feel apprehensive about beginning the process of Trauma Therapy. Together, we will create a safe and trusting relationship so you can work through and resolve the experiences of trauma in a supportive environment. We understand the complexities of trauma and know how to work though them effectively and at the pace that feels most comfortable to you. As Trauma Specialists, we utilize an integrative approach to Trauma Counseling. We ensure that the mental, emotional, physical and relational effects of trauma are addressed and healed in ways that are specific and sensitive to your needs.

You can recover from the experiences of trauma and take back control of your life in new and empowering ways. You don’t have to feel ashamed, afraid or alone any longer. With our extensive background as Trauma Therapists, we will help you address the initial shock, reduce symptoms, make sense of the trauma, face your fears, heal the pain and regain trust in yourself and others, all while tapping into your innate strengths and resources. You can create a new narrative, a new life and a new you. You can feel safe, strong and empowered again and we can show you how. We provide expert Trauma Counseling and Trauma Therapy in Denver-Wash Park. Get in Touch with us Today to start the healing process (303) 335-6353.

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